MyInstantOffer Lending Club Complaints and Solutions

  • Lending Club and loan applications

MyInstantOffer Lending Club offers its customers with a platform to get easy and quick loans in order to fulfill their needs.

Before getting any loan, you know you will have to fill the application form in order to get it approved.

But when it comes to Lending Club applications, then this is something we cannot say anything about.

Many people say that their application gets denied later and we know how annoying it gets when you take all your time to fill the form and wait for their response and in the end, the response is not what you were expecting.

Well, the matter of fact here is that any person applying for the loan will be in the highlight.

Lending Club makes sure whether the person applying for the loan deserves it to be and whether or not the information he filled is correct.

Sometimes people enter wrong information in the form just to get it approved.

Not to forget, LendingClub has its eyes on you. They will keep a proper check on you and if there is any sort of difference in the information you provided and the real information, your application will not be approved.

Apart from that, there might be other possible reasons that can also become the reason of why your application did not get approved.

So make sure you enter the correct information in the application form in order to avoid facing such problems.

  • Lending Club interest rates

Every company offering facilities will also charge for the services they provide.

Similarly, Lending Club also charge you with interest rates. Sometimes people expect companies to offer less interest rates but they see a totally different side when they pay actually decide to choose them.

Many people think that the interest rate of Lending Club would below.

But you’ll be surprised to know that Lending Club’s interest rates are very secretive.

However, it is quite basic to know that the interest rates might also depend on the person borrowing money.

Companies do keep a check on the people who have applied for their services. Their credit history is something that is also considered.

  • But what makes you a person with good credit history or a person that ensures that he will return the money back?

Well, we made a list of things that might help you get your application approved easily.

The first things to keep in mind before applying for the loan is good credit history because it plays the most important role when it comes to getting loans.

In order to check if you have good credit history or not simply visit your account and download your credit history.

Once it is downloaded make sure to check your history and errors if there are any.

In case you have errors in your credit history, go and pay back your debts to raise your credit history from bad to good.

Good credit history however plays an important role when it comes to getting loan. So before applying for it, make sure your credit history is good.

  • Monthly payment when it comes to lending loan from Lending Club?

Since many of you must be wondering about the monthly pay back charges of Lending Club.

Well, we all know that whenever you get loan from a specific company, you will be asked to pay back on monthly basis.

However, the monthly payment amount can be high and less affordable for people.

In such a situation there are only two things that a person can do to avoid large amount of monthly payment.

The person who applied for the loan should only get the amount he needs. Extra dues will increase extra monthly payment too.

When applying, you should also increase the term of the loan. Thinking what the word term is?

The term, when getting a loan is the time duration of the loan. Meaning, the time of which the person will return it to the company.

By increasing the term you will be able to pay back less per month.

  • Late loans at Lending Club

Every person can encounter that phase in life where he gets no better option than getting a loan and that’s no problem.

But the problem can actually start when people do not pay their loan back on time.

In case you feel that you’re late at paying your loan back you should try managing your monthly income.

Try spending less on other things you think you spend a lot on and then create a proper budget.

Once you have managed making a proper budget you will be able to easily gather the amount due to pay back and this way your loans won’t get late.

Apart from that, you can also let Lending Club know about what you’re going through.

There is a possibility that they have a proper plan that will help.

  • Lending Club and gift cards

Lending Club Deals provide best possible facilities to its customers but it’s no way that they will ever ask you to send them money or different gift cards in anyway.

Remember, if you ever get a notification that Lending Club will only approve your application if you send them some specific amount of money or gift cards, it’s a scam! Because Lending Club will never do that.

  • Lending Club outlets

Lending Club has various outlets all over but there must be places where Lending Club is not available and in case you belong from that particular place and want to apply for loan you really need to know about it.

Lending Club has no outlets and is neither available in West Virginia or Lowa. They might plan on opening it there but till now they have no update regarding this.

  • Customer service of Lending Club

Lending Club’s customer service is there to facilitate and solve all your problems as soon as they can for both the borrowers and the investors. There customer service makes it easy for you if you have any sort of queries or something.

And in case you are wondering where you can contact them, then anyone can simply call them on their 888-596-3157 i.e. their toll-free number.

Lending Club will only call you multiple times if your pending loan is late or the payment you made was not on time. Lending Club will never call again and again you in any other case.

So these constant calls are just a reminder that your monthly loan is not paid. To avoid these make sure to pay your dues on time. This will be good for both the company as well as the borrower.

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